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How To List




Thank you for choosing Encompass Travels, we've made listing your property on our website as user friendly as possible. 


One of our many unique features is that you are able to list, view, edit and customize your individual listings prior to paying and publishing them.


Individual listings can be fully customized to suit your needs, including the ability to add up to 5 specific keywords to enhance and drive traffic to your listing, and ALT tags on all of your 12 photographs, plus you have the ability to link your own vacation rental related website to the Encompass Travels website. 


You will have the ability to either accept or bypass our online reservations system, and if you choose to accept this valuable tool, all payments generated from your guests bookings will go direct to your registered PayPal account. There are NO COMMISSION FEES OR PERCENTAGE CHARGES.


Now you're ready to get started, it may help you to print this page for reference purposes., a quick way is to click CTRL P




  • From our home page, click on the OWNER LOGIN tab and sign up for a new account.


  • Complete all mandatory sections on this page.  You only need to enter your PayPal email address or sign up for a PayPal Account if you intend to take reservations online through our system.  All rental revenue will be paid direct to your PayPal Account, we do not take commissions and there are no setup fees to utilize this option, it comes free with your Encompass Travels registration.


  • Agree to the Encompass Travels Terms & Conditions by checking the box before registering for your new account.


  • Answer the numeric security question and click REGISTER.


  • Your personal and private account will now be registered. You will need to activate your account from the email address that you provided. This should come through almost immediately, if you don't see the email please check your spam folder.  You're now ready to start listing your properties.




  • From the home page, click on the OWNER LOGIN tab and sign in to your new account.
  • Your Owners Account User Panel is now visitble. From here you will be able to:
  • Update your Account Info;
  • Add  or Manage your Listings;
  • Manage your Seasons;
  • Check your Bookings;
  • You can also Logout from your account from this section.



The "Manage Seasons" section is where we recommend you start your listing process.  It's a good idea to have a calendar and a plan of how you intend to structure your prices and get the most out of your annual rental income.  You can plan and manage your seasons for several years in advance using our system.


  • Click on Manage Seasons
  • Under the heading - Click on Add New Season
  • Give the Season a Name:  Example:  Peak
  • Select a Color for your Season which will show on your live listing calendar, a choice of colors will appear when you click the box.
  • Continue adding your Seasons Names and Colors until completed.
  • Return to Manage Seasons where you will see your Season Name Headings.
  • Under each heading you will see ADD DATE RANGE. 
  • Click on Add Date Range and start entering your dates for each seasons heading.
  • Once you have completed your Seasons Names & Dates, you can now proceed onto listing your properties.  The ranges will now appear on your listing and will be ready for you to enter your rates once you get to that section.




  • Click on Add/Manage Listings
  • Under the heading Manage Listings - Click on Add New Property
  • Click on any of the applicable boxes to add small icons to your listing showing your guests at a glance if your unit is pet friendly, offers discounts, has internet etc.  These mini icons will appear on your live listing.
  • Type in your Property Area:  For example:  Austin, TX
  • Add your Listing Title:  For example:  Beach Home with Private Pool.
  • Select the number of bedrooms from the drop down box.
  • Enter the maximum number of guests that can legally and comfortably sleep in your unit.
  • Enter a detailed description showcasing your rental property.
  • Enter any custom features in your home. This is also a good place to enter any special instructions such as your Minimum Night Stay Requirements etc.
  • Enter the property address.  This is a mandatory requirement for our records and for security and mapping purposes.  Only the City and State will show on your live listing and a general pin point on the Google Map. 
  • Enter any information regarding your local area and attractions or any upcoming events that may attract guests to your area.
  • At this stage in the process we suggest that you scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE, it will save your current work and you can always return to edit any information.
  • From this section you will see that you already generated Season Names from Step 3, you have already allocated date ranges against each Seasons Heading. Now enter you nightly, weekly and monthly rates against each Season


  • In the next section, you can add your cleaning fees, your tax rate and add any other fees by clicking on the box provided.  This might be a pet fee, or a key deposit.  If you are going to accept online reservations through our software system, these rates will be included in your quotation page already calculated with our without tax, depending on what box you have checked.  If it's a taxable fee, then select yes and your tax rate will be calculated and charged to the guest.  Continue to add your unique fees until finished.


  • Either ACCEPT BOOKINGS ONLINE by checking the box, or bypass this section if you are using your own reservation methods.


  • AMENITIES:  Check the boxes against all of the amenities applicable for your unit. You can always add anything that's custom for your property that may not show on our list in your Custom Features Section.


  • Upload up to 12 photographs of your property in the section provided. You can add a short description under each photo which acts as ALT TAGS, these are very popular with webcrawlers and will help your lising immensely.


  • In the order sections against each photo enter the order preference in the box provided.  Order number 1 will be the first photo shown on your listing, order number 12 will be the last, it's a convenient way to showcase your home in the best possible way.


  • FEATURED LISTING: From the drop down box you can either accept or decline the option to have your property in our featured listing section.  The additional price for a featured listing is $70.00 per unit.  A featured listing will appear, in rotation, on the Encompass Travels website home page.  Featured listings will also appear in top positions on any City and State searches.


  • If you are accepting our online reservations software, you can copy and paste your own Reservations Agreement to the Booking Terms & Conditions section.  Guests will be asked to accept your terms and conditions prior to reserving your property.


  • In the TAGS section you will see that you are allowed up to 5 KEYWORDS these are once again built into our system to enhance your listing and make it more visible to the web crawlers. Choose your tags wisely, we are always happy to help you with your choices here.  For example a good TAG#1 for a Florida beach home woud be "florida beach home vacation rental" TAG#2 could be "beach vacation rental home in florida" and so on.


  • REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR LISTING at any time during the entry process, you can always return to edit and adjust before publishing and paying for your listing.



  • Go to your Add/Manage Listings section.
  • Click on the box next to the Property ID, it will currently show as unpaid.  If you have multiple listing you can pay for some or all listings at one time.  Your listing will only show as live on our site once payment is made.
  • Click on Pay for Listings at the top of the page.
  • You will now be directed to the PayPal site where you have the choice to pay via your registered PayPal account or by signing in as a guest and paying by credit card.
  • Once paid, your listing will show as Published and live on our site for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.


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